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Tradition is Alive!

Sharing my Croatian heritage and culture with my daughters brings me immense joy. I believe in nurturing their appreciation for diverse cultures and instilling respect for others. One of the ways I teach them is through the beauty of music, and they have learned to sing numerous Croatian songs. In particular, our homemade clip of the Croatian National Anthem holds a special place in my heart. I invite you to listen and enjoy this heartfelt expression of our heritage.

In our household, I make it a point to speak to my daughters in Croatian whenever I can. Although they are still practicing to achieve fluency, their understanding of the language is growing. I have found that teaching them through songs is a wonderful method.

I invite you to take a moment to watch our homemade clip and experience the beauty of my daughters singing the Croatian National Anthem. It is a testament to their growing connection with our heritage and the joy that music brings.

Enjoy the clip and feel the spirit of Croatian pride through the power of song!


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