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In remembrance of 3rd National Croatian TV appearance, 19/11/18 in conjunction for Operation Storm

Get ready to read some history (below video). Nothing like being over educated... (& of course over dressed) The YouTube clip linked to this post is of me in Croatia, Škabrnja, on the 19th November 2018, my 3rd National Croatian TV appearance in the one (1) week that I was there.

The most heart warming.

I attended a Remembrance Day in Škabrnje, 2nd hardest hit town during homeland war, 1991-1995.

Translation :

Reporter : In the remembrance parade for Škabrnje was all of Croatia & diaspora Lidia

Me : I goose bumped 100 times, I almost cried, I feel very very proud for all that the soldiers did for this extremely beautiful land... (CROATIA).

I am posting this today in remembrance of Croatias Operation Storm aka Oluja. Commenced 24 years ago today at 5am. The last major battle, the biggest cleansing of aggressors, solidified end of the homeland war, marking the beginning of Croatias long awaited Independence. Victory Day. I am so very proud of the brave country men and women that endured unnecessary attacks and had no choice but to defend themselves in war.

May Croatia forever stand strong, independent and loyal to it’s own, while of course respecting others.

No one deserves to experience war of any kind. No one.

Just to live this short life in Peace and Love. RIP to my cousin Renato and innocent people who lost their lives. This day is yours, this day is ours.

To my fellow Croatians, may we long live to tell the story and celebrate #oluja

X Lidia

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