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MERLINO Furniture : Massive Warehouse Sale

With only 3 day's left, I can not stress enough that, if you need furniture, NOW is the time to buy!

Merlino Furniture are Perth's elite Wholesale Furniture Distributer, who, for the next 3 days are having an Epic Warehouse Sale for the public only.

For this limited time, you can now shop from where the designers and retailers buy from.

Sale will not be repeated again this year.

Merlino are famous for high quality Italian leather lounges. Clearing loads of Italian brands like Bonaldo, Alf, Saporini to name a few.

There is also a vast range of tables, chairs, bedding, artwork, ornaments. Essentially, everything you need for your home and/or office!

Be sure to get down and have a look at their extraordinary range with a lot of furniture at below cost prices.

These next 3 days are your last chance, so hurry and get there!


5 Sainsbury Road, O'Connor.

You may even see me again hanging around, I just want everything!!




Just some of Merlino's range. The Warehouse is deceptively Huge! You think it's big when you first walk in, then there is another door, which leads you into another massive room filled with furniture. Brace yourself, it's Epic!

When I visited Merlino

Definitely worth getting down there and checking it out!

x Lidia

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