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Detox Centre Perth

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, sore stomach? Is your skin breaking out badly? Do you know if your gut is not healthy and you don't know where to start?

These are just some indications that you need to visit Detox Centre Perth!

I did.

Now to write about it. A topic not many would talk about, let alone share. Me, I'm all about being open, honest and helping others where I can when I know I am onto something good, such as, Colon Hydrotherapy.

I have been suffering from Gut issues for years, on the back of a parasite. I got rid of the parasite, subsequently, my gut suffered.

Gut Issues are a topic some seem to still be sceptical about. I can not stress enough, the importance of Gut Health, everything, and I mean everything stems from the gut, from health, healthy body and healthy mindset, for all ages too.

"All disease begins in the Gut. Hippocrates".

Recently, my gut had flared up again. I was sick. As much as I was eating healthy, gut appropriate food, I felt I just needed something else to really get me feeling healthy again. I was sluggish and just not feeling great which also lowered my mood. A zone I can not afford to be in.

That is when I decided to go down the path of Colon Hydrotherapy.

I was surprised to see that there are a few in Perth. I phoned around, the absolute most efficient, prompt and professional was Detox Centre Perth.

Detox Centre Perth, 1/158 Cambridge Street, West Leederville

You know a place is good when they have professional phone manners on your initial contact. You know they are even better when they take great pride in their appearance. Presentation is extremely important. The standard was set in the beginning and it sure continued.

some pretty entry details

There is so much attention to detail. Upon entry, the feeling is warm and inviting. As is the greeting by owner, Carla Diamond. As expected, you complete a new client form, and Carla goes through all the details and the process. She makes you feel very comfortable and capable!

The rooms, the machine.

Meet the brains behind the business, Carla Diamond.

The Beautiful Carla Diamond

I had a Q & A with the goddess :

How long has Detox Centre been in operation?

Rebranded to Detox Centre in July 2015, from Calma Colonics which started in 2013 (with a Business partner)

What made you be in this business?

Heard about Colonics, and looked into it as everyone around me was being diagnosed with some sort of illness.

To me it seemed common sense to clean your large intestine (colon) as we go to the dentist on a regular basis and have our

Teeth cleaned and we service our cars. Why wouldn’t you detox your body with Colonics?

Why did you choose the machinery you have?

I chose the LIBBE open system as it is TGA and FDA approved. It is totally private and you are in control the wholetime.

Your privacy and modesty are catered for at all times, including the insertion of the rectal tube (which is the size of a pen and is disposable).

If my client is in need of assistance I am only a buzzer away! And if they want me to stay with them I do, but once they are confident with the process, they do not want me in there with them.

What can people expect when they come in?

I make them feel welcome and relaxed with a Herbal tea as I have a chat with them.

(as it is a big step having a Colonic for the 1st time)

How often should clients come in and why?

Everyone is different, but it is great to start with at least 3 to 6 Colonics. Depending on their diet, how much water they drink and how often they have a bowel movement.

I suggest maintenance of at least once a month, once they have had a couple in a row. We live in a toxic environment, so doing a Colonic on a regular basis helps with detoxing the body.

What are some client success stories?

I love that they start having regular bowel movements, bloating stops, they have more energy and mental clarity.

Any tips for good gut health?

a. We are all different, so one diet will work for one person but maybe not the other, so be in tune with what’s going on with your Gut

eg: bloating

b. Drink more filtered water, at least 2 to 3 litres a day

c. Drink filtered water and add lemon to it when you wake up before you have a coffee or eat, as your body is dehydrated so you have a bowel movement in the morning

d. Introduce fermented foods and Grainfields fermented drinks slowly, your probiotics should come from you foods

e. Eat live foods, so you get your prebiotcs for your Gut

f. Love your Body as you only have one

Did it work for me. Yes it did, it absolutely did. I kicked started me back into good health, I am so very grateful to the Detox Centre. I have not felt this good in years!!!!!

Forever grateful.

Nothing like onwards and upwards!!!


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