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COMO the Treasury

COMO the Treasury, what a superb hotel you are.

Three (3) years ago, the 19th Century Building was transformed into a 48 bedroom Contemporary Luxury Hotel.

The renovation is extraordinary, the old was refreshed with an injection of a new take from the era, addicting a bit of contemporary.

The 19th Century (1801 - 1900) aka the Victorian period was crucial for Perth in many ways, primarily as it was the peak of Perth’s growth as well as the development of architecturally designed buildings such as the Treasury building.

** image credit : alluxa

As we live in the city, our adventure commenced by getting on a city bus to the hotel, the girls bringing their scooters as well as their heavily filled backpacks (Chloii wore her medals haha), which they clearly filled themselves.

my little City Scooter Girls

As you enter the light filled lobby, you are greeting by very happy staff, clearly due to some fine training in addition to their desire to work in such an establishment. You are offered a beverage of your choice as well as refreshing towels, which are infused by an in-house concoction of essential oils. You are then guided to your room where your bags await.

the light filled lobby

lobby details, Native Foliage and Original Artefacts incorporated in the refurbishment, genius

Our room, just perfection.

room details

The girls had some fun in front of the camera, my beautiful little loVes....

my little mini me's. my life. my purpose

After getting settled into the room, we then explored...

So many stunning corridors and entry ways

again, finer details are carried throughout

The girls and I spent a bit of time in the library, there was such a relaxed vibe.

my girls are just too funny, could watch them all day, entertainment plus

When we discovered the indoor pool area, it was fair to say that we spent the rest of our time there.

incredible view

Complimentary with your stay comes breakfast at Post. I went for the full breakfast, the presentation was as good as it tasted.

the croissant, yoghurt, fruit and juice are compliments of the chef

here is a little youtube clip I put together

The whole experience filled me with so much joy, I just sat and embraced my little loves.

having a moment in the room, watching my girls... just be

The whole experience was extremely pleasant. From the happy, attentive staff, to eyes wide open constantly looking around at the desirable interiors. It is certainly a special place to stay, absolutely worth it.

Next time I hope to experience more of the eateries.

Much love, X Lidia

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