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Miss Croatia

In 1997 I was asked to enter the Miss Croatia Western Australia competition. I was young. I agreed to do so. I learnt a lot.

It was an extremely interesting experience, with a lot of behind the scenes action.

The outcome, pride and joy, not just for me, but for my family and I.

Yesterday, the community gathered all the former West Australian Miss Croatia's, we were recognised via a gorgeous Hight Tea at the Croatian Club, North Fremantle. Big congratulations to the organising committee and all the ladies who contributed. You did exceptionally well.

It was a beautiful day, lovely catching up with so many great people, emotions were certainly up and down at one stage, but mostly up. Wonderful lifetime memories.

I had a gorgeous young girl come up to me and say that she would like to be a Miss Croatia one day and asked if I had any advise. With this, I have decided to send a message...

My message to all girls going into such a competition:

Stay honest, be true, be humble and be confident, but not arrogant and try your best.

My message to parents :

Be a positive role model, don't teach your children to discourage other contestants and to be dishonest. Be loving, respectful and support your child in the most honest way. You are their role model.

The outcome, in years to come, you will be able to stand tall, with your head head up high with pride and dignity. Just like my family and I did then, over all the years and especially yesterday. What a wonderful feeling of goodness and doing the right thing.

I can't wait for the day for my little girls to be giving such advise, solidify all my positive teachings. For now, I just cant wait for them to come home so I can show them all this blog post.

With a beauty wearing a Traditional Croatian Costume, Nosnja

With my mamma bear, Bozica

The former Miss Croatia of Western Australia that were able to attend

My late Teta Zlata, the very first Miss Croatia

Me on the big night, back in 1997.

X Lidia

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