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BROOME... Magical Broome

This post is a little late... it is from when the girls and I went to Broome last year. Time just got the better of me. Now that I am back from Europe, it’s freezing in Perth, my idea for where to go next is a sunny destination, of course Broome came up. Which also reminded me to share some of the stuff we got up to.

As you probably know, the girls and I travel a lot together, just the 3 of us, we love it, we have our little routine and work so well as a team. Broome is a spot we keep talking about, it’s such a perfect family destination.

First things first, in Broome, I highly recommend to hire a car and of course see that Sunsets, for they are some of the best in the world.

In this post, I will just be sharing 3 fun outings we did, that we all very much enjoyed.


You can not go to Broome and not go on a camel ride, at least once in your life.

We've done it several times and loved each and every time as each time brings a new experience, a new horizon.

This time we went with Red Sun Camels.

They were informative, they were funny and we just had a great time feeing super relaxed with a team that knew what they were doing. We had a beautiful stroll along Cable Beach. I would recommend going for your ride during Sunset, that is the most popular, so you would need to book in advance as they get booked out quickly. The team are very responsive to messages, so communicating with them was also a delight.


Malcolm Douglas is the place to go. It's a little out of town, which is when your hire car comes handy. We got right up-close and personal with Crocodiles and Alligators (as well as being shown the difference between the two), we also got to hold the cutest little baby crocs! The tour guides have a clear passion for the animals. There was not one question they could not answer. They feed the crocks, get right in there, without any fear, unlike us onlookers!


The Mango Place is 5 minutes from the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. We went there after for a bite to eat and drinks. We had delicious mango drinks as well as some of the most yummiest wood fire pizza around! And I am not just saying that! I can literally still taste the pizza!!! There is a little shop where you can buy lots of different mango products as well as play mini golf. You can really just sit there for a long time and relax.

I hope you enjoyed this brief little snipped of Broome and some of the family friendly things to do. I'd be more than happy to talk more about Broome and all the To Do's, from going where the locals go, historic footprints, pearls and of course all things native.

Comment or send me a message if you would like me to share more on this beautiful place. 

X Lidia

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