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Who says winter days or nights need to be spent indoors… School holidays don’t need to be a loooong drag of constantly thinking what indoor activity to do next.. Thanks to the City of Perth, there is lots to get excited about during these colder times, like, Winter Fest, on 30th June - 29th July! The city has put together lots of activities for the kids to do during the school holidays, in which I am excited to share some of these with you.





W I N T E R    W H I T E    B A L L    P I T


Yagan Square (Crn. Wellington St & William St)


30th June - 29th July

9am to 2pm

(** 9am to 12pm on the 11th July)



Winter White Ball Pit is based at this years Winter Fest headquarters, WINTER FEST DOME, which is situated at the new and very fabulous Yagan Square (Crn. Wellington St. & William St.).


What can you expect? 50,000 snow balls!!! A ball pit for all ages, to literally have a ball in haha


The kids will absolutely love it. Mine did. They were literally diving into the balls... so much fun.


If you are wanting to do this with just big kids, you can, the Adult only sessions are:


5pm to 8pm on the 5th and 6th July. Book it in your diary now!!





K I D S   W O R K S H O P S   &   A C T I V I T I E S


Yagan Square (Crn. Wellington St & William St)


14th - 29th July



Free family events based at WINTER FEST DOME at Yagan Square. A wonderful array of workshops and actives have been put together for the kids, from entertainment to ballet performances, and it’s ALL FREE!!! So very kind of the City of Perth!!


You will need to get tickets, which you can get from today (30th June), please refer to the City of Perth website and/or on their Social Media.


Few things to take note : doors open 15 minutes before the show commences, you must have your ticket with you. If you did not get a ticket, you may still be able to enter should there be availability. For more information, please have a look at Eventbrite.


If you miss a show or are unable to make the specified times, it's ok, because there are several performances happening outside of the dome outside of the scheduled times.


Here is a breakdown of what is on offer and the dates: 


WA Ballet & Bizircus Drop-In Circus Workshops – 14th, 21st and 28th July

Libby Hammer Kids Show and Circus Workshops – 15th July

Scitech Science Shows – 21st, 29th July

Rock and Toddle – 22nd July



W I N T E R   F E S T   B I N G E


Perth Town Hall


20th, 21st & 22nd July


The beautiful historic Town Hall will be transformed to house 200 beanbags for you to “binge” on your favourite TV show or movies.


This is not a ticketed event, it’s FREE with no time restrictions either. All you need to do is simply choose your desired screen time and be sure to have your Uber Eats app on your phone. Perth City eateries will be waiting and ready to take your orders and deliver them to you while on your beanbag. There will also be a coffee van for hot drinks and snacks as well as one Free popcorn for you to enjoy (unless sold out). Pretty cool!!


I will be taking the girls to see Disney movies of course, below is a list of the movies for your easy reference :



22nd July


  • 10am Finding Nemo 

  • 11.45am Lion King

  • 1.20pm Beauty and the Beast

  • 2.50pm Bambi

  • 3.05pm Lady and the Tramp

  • 4.25pm 101 Dalmations 



For the non-Kids sessions :



Friday 20th July



  • 4pm – Scary Movie 2 2001 MA* 6.10pm – IT (2017) MA

  • 8.30pm – The Shining (1980) MA




Saturday 21st July


  • 4pm to 10.30pm – Friends Season 3 (1996 & 1997) PG


 F O O D 



I am one of those mum’s who’s all about eating healthy, well sort off… So long as there is some healthy eating amongst all the fun. 


Primal Pantry are offering $7 for Soup & Garlic bread from 10am to 2pm. The soup comes in a coffee cup and the Garlic bread is super tasty, not too garlic in flavour, perfect to dip in the bread. The novelty was drinking soup from a coffee cup.


Then of course.. there is a treat after all that healthy eating, there are many options for this too during Winter Fest, check out the Winter Fest Eat & Drink section on the City of Perth website.


Happy Winter Fest and School Holiday time to you!!




X Lidia



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