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My Health: Pregnancy, Accidents and Peace of Mind

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My health and family are the most important things in my life, but they can also be the most unpredictable things. Pregnancies, accidents and having peace of mind is why I chose to cover myself and my family with adequate private health cover.

Picture of my little family, taken Mother’s Day 2018

I was able to use my private cover when I had my two little girls, both whom were born through C-sections. This meant I had to stay in the hospital longer and we had constant bulk bills and visitors every day. Thanks to private cover, my visitors were welcome daily and I had a large and private room, which was extremely pleasant. Being European, it is customary for family and friends of the family to visit the hospital at the birth of your child. I had that many visitors, at one stage, the nurses turned some visitors away, they were overwhelmed. I was fine by it, as I knew to expect it.

My second daughter Kaleesi had to have an operation at 6 months old. She had a blockage from her kidney to her bladder. As we were privately covered, we were able to secure a date for the operation quite quickly post diagnosis – meaning no long wait times.

Leading up to the operation, there were lots of medical formalities we had to follow, inclusive of multiple scans, these bookings were easily made and promptly. Had I not had private cover, this would have been extremely costly, timely and added another level of stress and worry. Kaleesi’s surgery was a great success and I was able to stay with her as she recovered, in her private room. In this instance, I did not allow visitors as it was a private family matter.

Photo of healthy and happy Kaleesi and I shortly after her operation

In October 2017, I was walking into the city and passed a development site, a gush of wind below and a large piece of wooden hording came off its hinges and fell on me. As the hording was falling, I went into autopilot mode and twisted towards the sign, put my hand up to try stop it and this caused a spinal fracture. After over 6 months of diagnosis, I finally found a doctor who referred me to a fantastic specialist who was able to identify the problem. Within weeks after the official diagnosis, I was able to have the required spinal operation with no wait time.

Official Instagram photo of my little loves and I post operation.

Despite being nervous about having such a major operation, I felt extremely comfortable knowing that I was in the best possible private care. I had a few minor complications, causing an extended stay in hospital and this was made easy with the private system. Recovery was much more pleasant in a private facility, with my guests also enjoying the comfort.

One thing I have learnt in life, you get what you pay for. Private cover is something I will always have.

In Australia, we are blessed to have the opportunity to access Private Health Cover. Having my own private cover since my teenage years, I was pleased when I was offered a discounted rate when I worked in the banking industry. After I left to pursue other opportunities, I continued to pay the premium as I enjoyed the comfort of knowing that I have private cover.

I use my private cover regularly on dental, physio and massage. Feeling and looking healthy and happy and getting my money back, makes having cover worth it. Over the years, I’ve also appreciated the flexibility private cover provides as I’ve changed my cover to suit my life patterns, such as maternity and family cover, present some amazing benefits.

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Good Luck!

X Lidia

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