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Perth Staycation : Rendezvous Scarborough

Over the weekend the girls and I had a Staycation at Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough.

A destination where you actually feel like you are not in Perth.

It was raining, listening to the rain while watching the ocean and seeing a beautiful rainbow was magical

The hotel and the rooms have been beautifully updated. Walking into the foyer feels like you are in a world class international hotel. Beautiful.

The lobby & the beautiful ceiling

one of the beautiful in-house eateries

Our stunning room.

It was everything we had wished for & more

The morning after our stay, they girls and I had a special breakfast in the Club Room.

Breakfast with the loves of my live

During our stay we invited some friends over for a special occasion (which I'll share in my next blog post), everyone said they totally forgot about this hotel as an option and are all keen to book a stay.

With Scarborough redevelopment, there are so many things to do. From the new pool, skate park, fantastic kids playground, new look out point and lots of restaurants.

In terms of the hotel, there is enough to do if you just want to stay in-house.

From restaurants, pool, tennis courts, Vanilla Face & Body Spa and a games room.

Definitely consider Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough for your next staycation or if you are travelling to Perth and want to be close to the beach, then the hotel is for you! We can not wait for our next stay!!

X Lidia

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