Girls Only Play Date


Last Saturday my girls and I hosted a Girls Only Play date on the back of International Woman’s Day.

I believe that from a young age we need to teach girls to be strong, fierce, kind, love everyone and to love themselves and of course... be independent. 

I am All about girls sticking together. I live it, I breath it, I preach it and I do all I can to make it happen. 


There is still so much bullying out there. There are still so many insecure girls out there that don’t like other girls because of their own insecurities. This is something I try so hard for there to be understanding around and not happen. In big and small. 


So where I can, I do all I can to get girls supporting & liking girls. Loving each other and preaching the importance of loving your self first. Just love. 

Some super special Iike minded ladies got together to help make the Play Date, well.. my style.



I like to stick to the same event companies. The two new ones I used this time are :

Styled by Carpem Diem Styled Events x Table & Chairs by Allegra and Grace Chairs  
















Entertainment by Parties Kids Remember  (5th time in a row I have used them) my go to. This time we went for the pamper package. Girls loved it. 



Hydrated by :

Mangiatorella Water (Only the top 3rd graded water in the world, available at leading independent supermarkets and cool cafes/restaurants) and yes, kids got still or sparkling options! You can never learn class too early I say.  


The day was kid perfect. They played, they had complete fun, they got into the bedrooms. They were kids being kids in the most prettiest setting.


I remember just stopping amongst the chaos and watching the girls have the absolute best time. Pure joy. There is nothing like letting kids be kids. 


In terms of the entertainment providers, I will absolutely be using all the same companies again. I can not recommend them higher. 


X Lidia



Web References :



Carpem Diem Event Services  


Personalised Names;

Foote and Flame 



Allegra and Grace Chairs 


Event Hosts:

Parties Kids Remember 



Mangiatorella Water 



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