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Organic on the Go

Organic on the Go.

pic credit : I Lidia LoVe Instagram, taken by Erwan Bosque

If you have been following me for a while, you will have read that I have gut issues.

When I say gut issues, the effects are: lathargic, bloated, sore stomach, did I say bloated.. there were days I would be so bloated (and sore) that I actually looked pregnant. I was even asked if I was pregnant, a few times. Truth. It was painful and really got me down. I couldn't wear the clothing I wanted and besides all that, I just felt sick and had no energy.

I eat healthy, have the occasional binge, more a once a month thing, but overall, I am a healthy eater. I exercise. I live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. This wasn't enough.

Eating healthy didn't really do much to help.

For years I did many different types of tests, food tolerance tests, you name it. The food tolerance test was definitely a good thing. I did eliminate foods the test indicated I was intolerant too, however, it was only a slight improvement.

Recently I was introduced to Organic on the Go, a new to Perth Organic Food Delivery business. Here is what happened :

  • I legitimately instantly felt better after I ate my very first meal

  • I did not feel bloated

  • I was energetic

  • After the third day, I actually had a few breakouts on my face, I felt this was because my body was detoxing.

  • Overall I felt Fantastic

I now eat Organic on the Go and am a proud promoter of the business.

Which is why I am writing this blog, to share the love with anyone else out there that has been suffering like I had been. You don't even need to have a bad gut, you may just want healthy easily accessible meals waiting for you when you are hungry. I believe in this product because I know that it works. It has changed my life, yes, in a very short period of time. I feel like this plant based type of eating is just what I needed. I mean, the ingredients include things like Paw Paw, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Basil, Quinoa, Fermented foods, to name a few. The meals are filling and so very satisfying.

Here is a quick little Q & A with Founder, Corey Stollinger.

Why Organic on the Go?

To provide self healing foods, for general health and well-being and for gut health.

Why are you focusing on Gut health?

Because that is where it all begins. We are what we Absorb. Gone are the days of ‘we are what we eat’, if you don’t have a healthy gut.

So why food?

Nature provides us with foods that we need to bring our bodies back into balance. Food is medicine.

Eating fermented foods increases probiotics which improves our gut health.

I believe to get the gut healthy, it first starts with what we eat.

This results in increased energy, overall feeling of wellbeing and reduces inflammation in the body.

Corey is also doing Meal Plans, I am following one. So good having a simple, easy to follow guide. I'd feel very guilty if I broke it, so I make sure I follow it. If you would like to know more about Corey's meal plan, his holistic approach, Click Here to email him directly.

Organic on the Go is also available for delivery in the Perth Metropolitan Area or pick up at Kailis brothers Northbridge and Fremantle.

Organic on the Go is the Way to Go!

I am so excited that I can offer you a 10% discount on your order, simply use code : LOVE at checkout.

X Lidia

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