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Laser Skin Care : Clear + Brilliant + You

Skin Care is so important.

It's no secret I put all my skin trust in La Belle Peau.

The older we get, the more we really do need to look after our skin. I know I've gotten my panic on.

I have been blessed with genetically good skin, so I only really got serious about my skincare at a much later age, more recently from when in my early - mid 30's.

My two main concerns are ageing and especially my pigmentation.

Whether you rely on botox or filler for youthful looking skin, or not, it dosen’t really matter, so long as you are happy with the results. For me, I much rather an alternative.

Which is why I am thrilled to be doing a course of Clear + Brilliant, it’s a Brand New approach to Laser Skincare.

A whole new level of skin care that is clinically proven to not only improve but also help prevent ageing (and my pigmentation!).

the machine that does all the magic

Here is what it claims:

  • visibly illuminated skin tone

  • renewed, softer and smoother texture

  • naturally radiant and glowing skin

  • reduction in the appearance of pores

  • improved tone, texture and radiance

I’ll be sharing my journey with you, sharing closeup pictures approximately a month apart from each treatment. It's recommended to have a course of 4 - 6 treatments.

Below are my first Pre-treatment photos taken under that scary machine which shows Everything that little bit more.

These pictures were taken on Wednesday 11th October 2017, just after I had gotten back from Broome, where my pigmentation got really really bad from the heat. This is the worst my skin has ever been. So it will be perfect to see just how well Clear + Brilliant is.

The treatment is not the most pleasant. It burns and your skin only gets hotter and hotter as the treatment and time goes on. The heat eventually cools down after a few hours. I just kept telling myself my all time, beauty is pain.

The next day your skin still feels a little flat.

By day two and three, your skin is rough and almost sandy like, which eventually disappears. You know you are on the road to progress.

post treatment redness and discomfort. I just like to state I look so super tired as I had 4 hours sleep after my little one wet her bed and we couldn't get to sleep after, single parenting joys.

Not only is it imperative to go to a proper skin clinic, it is also super important to maintain a good and regular skin care routine at home. After my first treatment, I left with a bag full of Ultraceauticals products. They were tailored for my skin, the treatment and to really help me get that perfect complexion like I once had.

The experienced staff at La Belle Peau put my routine down on a schedule for me, which is just perfect as I now have something to follow and will make sure I don't slack off!

X Lidia

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