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i Lidia LoVe is a fresh update on the internationally popular fashion blog Consummo Avenue, in which prior to the Instagram era had much acclaim and following from prestigious fashion houses such as the net-a-porter and Burberry London offices. 


Consummo Avenue emerged into i Lidia LoVe; Fashion, Life + Style & Travel blog, which is fast becoming a known brand and also boasts a large Instagram and Facebook following and now YouTube. I Lidia LoVe is driven by all things LoVe… Lidia truly believes, all we need is LoVe to live a fulfilled and happy life, after good health of course!


Lidia (Kukulj) is the Digital Influencer behind the brand. Single mum to two beautiful little girls, Chloii (6) and Kaleesi (5). 


During her youth, Lidia worked in fashion, as a model and many years on television. From acting in a few Australian movies, to presenting the weather on a local station, Lidia went onto hosting on Foxtel and Channel 9, most recently appearing on Channel 9, The Pulse. Her biggest accolade is being flown to Croatia, in which she interviewed the Croatian President for a programme she was then hosting.


In her 20’s Lidia's core income was from her role as a Bank Manager, a role she gained after only a year of being in the bank with no previous experience. It was her drive and determination that helped her excel. Her final role was as a Senior Business Development Manager, in which she was undefinable with her high level of customer service and amount of business she brought into the bank. Lidia's final role saw her triple a 16 year sales record in less than 3 months.


After a redundancy, Lidia took some time off to travel which allowed her to assess what she wanted to do next. She realised she was not only business minded, but also a creative.


This lead her to start a fashion label designing evening wear. She designed garments and had an employee who helped her construct them. Lidia launched the range at the Charity, Oysters and Champagne event she created which raised funds for several charities.


It was during this time that her her second cafe, LouVe was established. LouVe became one of Perth’s busiest cafes, in which she introduced multiple business layers within it including catering, functions and a private function/dining room. All of which she also designed from start to finish. Despite being an extremely busy cafe, LouVe was on the brinks of closing in the first year as she was unsuccessful in gaining a liquor licence, a decision made after her high end fit-out had commenced for her proposed small champagne lounge. Again hard work and determination saw Lidia overcome this. LouVe became one of the highest selling cafes in Perth and was producing over 22kg’s of coffee a day, providing catering throughout Perth.


During this time Lidia also gave birth to Chloii and then thirteen months later to Kaleesi. 


Lidia dedicates a lot of her time to charity. She has hosted popular events from Oysters and Champagne, raising money for CanTeen for Kids, and MS WA, a disease her father suffers from.


She also founded Designer Display, a week long event which showcased some of Perth’s best fashion labels, whilst raising money for Telethon WA. 


The opening of the second year of LouVe was in conjunction with a women's networking group, in which Lidia spoke in front of 80 women. She opened up about her highs and lows in life, being in business and how she overcame her hardship in business. Every woman in the room cried, laughed and they all came to give her a hug after.


Now days, Lidia is an Ambassador for the HBF run, which she ran 12k’s in 1h 5m 23s, her personal best. Lidia is also an ambassador for the Heart Foundation. She represented them at the Every Woman Expo.  In June 2017 she appeared on the Celebrity Kitchen, gave a motivational speech again in front of a group of women with whom she moved and motivated. The event finished on a high by being MC at the fashion parade. 


Following this event, the Heart Foundation was informed that staff from Regent Motors Group who attended the Expo were so impressed with Lidia that when they were asked to vote for their favourite charity to receive the group’s annual donation, the Heart Foundation was their first choice. They donated $9,500.

Her profile is continuing to grow, she has much respect as a mummy blogger as well as in the fashion community. She is know for her individual style and flair. This has lead her to become Westfield Whitfords Cities Stylist. 


Lidia’s biggest motivators are her daughters, she knows they are watching and her focus is to be their biggest and most positive inspiration.


As a Digital Influencer, Lidia is proud to share all she loVes : Fashion, Family, Home, Welleness, Beauty, Food & Drink, Travel.

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